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What I do to help you feel great, relaxed and ready to face the World. 

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage - is a form of massage that looks at the specific needs of both athletes/sportsmen and women and non-sports participants alike. There is a combination of techniques including deep tissue work, neuromuscular techniques, soft tissue release, and different forms of facilitated stretching that will help the individual.

Benefits Include - Improved performance, accelerated recovery from training sessions, less likely of injury, improved flexibility, posture and range of movement, removal of lactic acid build-up, reduction in scar tissue, increased circulation, improved body condition and relaxation.

Ideal Frequency – this depends on several factors such as whether or not you have an acute injury or chronic pain, - what your volume and intensity levels are and other factors depending on individual circumstances. Most competitive sportsmen and women find a weekly massage helps performance. Other individuals may simply require a ‘maintenance massage’ on a fortnightly or monthly basis – but I will discuss this with you to ensure maximum benefit from your own treatment programme.

Sports Massage and Pain! - at Relaxing Hands I am a skilled and experienced therapist who will work with you to ensure that your experience is as pain free as possible. There may be some occasions where knots/adhesions or trigger points have developed that require slightly deeper pressure and may cause a little pain. In these cases we will talk to you about pain levels and work together to make the session as productive and as pain free as possible. In general a typical Sports Massage is a pleasurable experience, not a painful one!

Sports/Occupational Injuries and Rehabilitation:

As I am a sportsman myself I understand that any injury can be annoying and disruptive to your own well being and hinder training. Heavy training sessions can place increased strain and stress on muscles and joints. This may appear as just an ache initially but can quickly lead to a tear or strain hampering performance. Weekly treatments can help prevent this from occuring, with flexibility training and massage injuries can be prevented.

Occupational and everyday injuries and disorders such as RSI, whiplash, poor posture, heavy lifting, strains and sprains and of course stress related problems can also benefit significantly from a sports massage or swedish massage.

Qualified as a Sports Scientist I can also help with many other problems and conditions including:

·  occupational injuries

·  everyday aches and pains

·  poor posture

·  stress

·  recovery from surgery/operations

I also offer a lighter feeling Holistic massage which allows the individual to relax and de-stress from the hard working day. 

I am a fit athletic polite and educated male and i pride myself on providing a professional service that meets the needs of all individuals. 

Please call to discuss all your needs 07743294341   


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